Cochemer Schlossberg

In 1948 grandfather Hubert Lange bought this steep south directed vineyard situated below die medieval Castle Reichsburg Cochem. 80 yards above the river mosel the well aerated grapes ripen slower and keep their aroma that way. In the course of history struggles and sieges took place at the vineyard. In times of peace it satisfied the thirst of the knights. In 1998 we rebuilt the vineyard extensively with terraces. Today we grow Riesling and pinot noir (Spätburgunder) at the Schlossberg.


The name derives from the capitular of an abby. In previous times the best vineyard land was property of the church. It affords ideal conditions for top-level winegrowing / viticulture. The slopes are protected from wind. Therefore it heats up enormously on sunny days. Covered / nerved by natural stone terraces the Domherrenberg has mediteranean climate. Its ruddily slate developes aromes which reminds of peaches and passion fruit in our Riesling.